September 8, 2014

The Dressing Room

Jewelry & decor by SoulMakes
Large painting by Hannah Adamaszek
Dresses by Free People
Bralettes by Spell Designs

You may have heard, Trevor and I moved into a new place Labor Day weekend. We spent the last three years in a one bedroom apartment, with no deck or designated outdoor area. When we first moved in, it was an ample amount of space for the two of us. We hadn't yet started SoulMakes, so like most normal folks we had a living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. But we quickly gave up living and dining room when SoulMakes was born. The majority of our living space turned into studio space! We had outgrown our apartment over and over again. But with so many other wonderful things happening, we just made the place work or a few more years. 

Our lease was up for renewal a few months after our wedding and this felt like pretty natural timing to make a break for it. It is definitely the end of era. Our little apartment was certainly well loved and so much magic happened there. But we are absolutely thrilled to be in a new place. We are now living in an amazing town house with three levels (all above ground), a back yard and a large deck on the second level. The lower floor is a cozy living room and a mini gym. The middle level serves as a very open studio/office area and that's where the kitchen and dining room are located, with a gorgeous deck off the kitchen!  Not only do we have plenty of space for everything we do, the natural light here is incredibly beautiful! The top floor has three bedrooms, the master bedroom is all ours, of course. During the day, not a single light bulb is necessary. The morning light streams into our room, luring us out of bed softly. It is just perfect! We have plans to turn one of the extra bedrooms into a quiet little reading room, with a day bed, book shelf and desk. It'll be a lovely little area for relaxing and will double as a guest room. The other extra room though, is my favorite.

My wonderful husband suggested I use it as a dressing room. The pictures above are of this magical space, not quite finished yet. It has a closet for my favorite clothing items, a wall of SoulMakes jewelry and beautiful decor, of course. It's an area where I can be creative, arranging jewelry still lives, decorating and re-decorating the walls, styling my form (mannequin), which currently displays my stunning wedding gown. Of course, it is also a place for me to get dressed, a peaceful little oasis where I can let my imagination run wild, using clothing, jewels and accessories as my artistic medium! It already looks completely different than when these photos were taken a few days ago. We have since hit the flea market and found some great furniture for it, which I'm sure I'll photograph soon. This space will also double as a second photo studio for me. I spend much of my time photographing SoulMakes products in fun and creative ways, so this room really serves as an outlet for that as well. I absolutely love making jewelry, but that can become tedious at times. It's in the photographing of our products that I really get to have fun, experiment and add little details to perfectly showcase our jewels. I'm so excited about this creative space and so grateful that I have a partner who encourages my passions. We are so blessed to have each other and so thrilled to be in this new place together, enjoying each other in the sunlit windows!

Have a gorgeous day!
MacK Mars


  1. MacK that place looks perfection!

    Zoe x

  2. I absolutely love this!
    Where could I find those drawer like boxes that are hanging on the wall?
    (like the one on the second image)