September 21, 2014

Falling in Love with the Indoors

Jewelry & Decor by SoulMakes
Clothing by Free People & Spell Designs & Some Vintage

We can hardly contain our excitement over the latest in SoulMakes Home Decor. Over the next month we've got a few collections of beautiful decor items hitting the shop, much of which is pictured above in our at home dressing room. I've always thoroughly enjoyed the great outdoors and all it has to offer, but after moving into our first home I've discovered a new and surprising love for the indoors! Living here has inspired so many new designs, mostly because we've got lot's of wall space to cover. The ideas seem to be streaming in just as beautifully and easily as the natural lighting streaming in through our windows! What a perfect time of year it is to find solace inside, just as the air is turning crisp. Normally I dread this season of hibernation, but this year I could not be more excited to go indoors. We've got lots of cures for the winter blues, to keep your home fresh and bright throughout the seasons! 

Amidst my precious little dressing room in our new home, I spend time creating an environment of peace and nurturing my creative passions. I get dressed, trying on a million different and gorgeous jewelry options (a few sneak peeks at new designs above!), which display themselves abundantly across the space I've created here. I cozy myself up and dream of new decor ideas to illuminate these walls, mini Birch Wood Mirrors, bringing the outdoors inside with the gorgeous tones of natural birch wood branches, finished off with a touch of rugged twine. Chunky Amethyst crusted mirrors too, with a frame made entirely of vibrant crystals, bringing the perfect energy to my space. These little beauties are the perfect accent to open up the shadowy corners of this well lit room. Every inch of empty wall space inspires new dream catcher designs, big ones, featuring our chunkiest quartz crystals and small ones, even little ornament sized dream catchers adorned with our favorite feathers. The air outside is becoming cooler by the moment, while the air inside my little sanctuary is filled with a fragrant whiff of lavender. A little aromatic bouquet of dried lavender tucked into the top of an old glass bottle sits on my dresser, finished off in the classic SoulMakes fashion - wrapped up with leather and adorned with copper beading. That's not all, we have some seriously exciting textiles coming to the shop this season as well and we can not wait to show you!

Check out the latest in our home decor section here and stay tuned for more gorgeous designs coming soon to!

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