February 16, 2015

Moments at Home

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Sometimes I am utterly amazed by the natural light that flows into our home. I was particularly inspired by the sunshiney glow in my little dressing room over the weekend, so I stopped to snap a couple shots. Although the temperature outside was under 10 degrees and everything outside our lovely little house was freezing, turning into a dangerous and dreary sheet of ice, it was bright and cheery in my little creative space. I'm really not much for winter, the cold weather and dead earth leave me feeling sad and wishing for an escape. So, I build my escape indoors. I've decorated every inch of this place to radiate spring vibes. 

Our little Wildflower & Lavender Bouquets are a perfect touch of vibrant color, fragrant with the scents of the coming season. Cozy kantha blankets & pillows keep me warm in my cozy chair and their bright hues keep me happily dreaming of warmer days. I surround myself with a rainbow of gorgeous crystals, from lush turquoise jewelry to deep purple agate slices. I'm a real sucker for whites and neutrals too, so I've got my glowing Agate Geode Candle lit and my favorite SoulMakes jewelry displayed in stunning onyx dishes (which now come in two sizes!) Although I desperately wish it was spring, I do cherish these perfect little moments at home!

Be sure to stop by the shop and check out our latest goodies and have a gorgeous day
MacK Mars

February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!

Celebrate yourself today! Celebrate love! 

MacK Mars

February 13, 2015

To my Valentine

Let's be real, even I'm willing to admit, Valentine's Day is more or less a commercial holiday. But I'll take any opportunity to celebrate the love I share with this guy (also, his birthday is in a few days!). Our journey together has been wild. We've over come our fair share of adversity, we've grown together through the various pains of life, we laughed and cried and hugged and sobbed and felt every feeling together. We were just two young kids when we first met and we've blossomed into a wonderful, incredible, dedicated, loving partnership. I have no idea where we'd be today without each other. The things we've been able to accomplish as a team blow my mind on a regular basis and I couldn't be more grateful for all his encouragement, help and support.

My husband truly has the patience of a saint. He's level headed, balanced and cool tempered mostly all the time and I'm... well, still learning. I look to him for guidance in all areas of life, the example he sets is one of true love, compassion and humility and in this way he leads me spiritually, through the amazing journey that is our marriage. And for all that he does, it seemed only appropriate for me to acknowledge his wonderfulness here on the blog!

Besides, he's one half of SoulMakes, this thing would not be possible without him!
I could go on forever about all the awesome lessons we've learned working together as business partners and how we've been able to use these lessons in our personal life as well. I could go on forever... But I think you get point ;)


Happy Valentines day everyone! No matter what your current relationship status is, celebrate love!

MacK Mars

February 9, 2015

Into the Country

Photographer: MacK Mars
Location: Old Lucketts Store
Model: Kathleen
She wears:
Jewelry: SoulMakes
Sweater & Vest: Free People

The other day I had the pleasure of wandering out into the country with our forever muse, Kathleen. We headed to my favorite little antique store in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by vast fields, chipping paint and lots of little old buildings scattered about. She wears our jewels perfectly, pairing some our latest chokers with layers of leather and gems, rings for every finger and beautiful bracelet stacks. Be sure to stop by the shop and check out the latest jewels!

Have a gorgeous day!
MacK Mars

February 4, 2015

NEW SoulMakes Collection

Beautiful new jewels just hit the shop! We love these latest creations so much. We've added some vibrant new turquoise pieces to our classic turquoise collection and my favorite of these has to be our Dreamcatcher Choker. With such an iconic look and classic Americana charm, it's the perfect piece to satisfy that wanderlust that lies deep within the soul. It seems the Wild West is always luring me in and filling me with inspiration. I'm also a little in love of the new Mystic Arrow necklace, it's sort of a new play on the traditional arrowhead and it looks amazing layered up with a choker and some dreamy crystals.

We've got tons of new bracelets too! It's mandala and concho heaven with our latest collection of stackers, all made with super soft leather lace, of course!

Stop by the shop and check out the latest designs!

Have a gorgeous day!
MacK Mars