December 31, 2012

2012 & Giveaway!

2012 has easily been one of the best years of my life so far and I have a feeling it'll only get better! This year we went on so many great adventures..

Here's a few from out geographical adventures..

We've been on many journeys besides the geographical ones as well, namely, SoulMakes and it's been quite a success!

We've done lots of fun photo shoots, traveled for artisan fairs, launched our new website, had the amazing privilege to hand pick a plethora of beautiful rocks and crystals from a giant warehouse across the country(exciting!!), we've continued to make tons of new designs and we are more inspired than ever! 

Not to mention Trev and I have learned SO much from working together! We're such different people with different talents and we've been able to use that as our strength in building this business and we've carried a lot of these lessons into our personal life as well. We are quite a couple, if I do say so myself. I'm the luckiest girl in the world! We celebrated 3 years of togetherness this year :) Of course, there's not a single picture of us together in existence.. Here he is on one of our first dates, so handsome!

This year I've had the opportunity to nurture lots of growing relationships, especially with family..

(that would be the coolest big brother in the world)

 I've been able to get to know myself a lot better too! The wonderful journey Trev and I have been on with SoulMakes has given me new kind of confidence. To watch my dreams unfold before me has been the most amazing gift, I certainly can't take all the credit, but I've put in a whole lot of hard work. There's nothing for gratifying than hearing from our lovely customers and fans that they are in love with our digs! I've also made a habit out of eating healthy and working out a lot over the last year(although I've been slacking..only slightly). The combination of taking care of myself properly and sharing my artistic talents with the world has really allowed me to feel like a strong and respectable young lady. I think I've really grown into myself, if that makes any sense...A year ago you couldn't even get me to smile for a photo...

A truly amazing year comes to a close and I am so looking forward to see what the future has to bring us.  Here's a quick list of resolutions, in no particular order...

1. Continue to nurture my creative self and make lots of new jewelry!!
2. Rededicate myself to healthy living 
3. Show gratitude for this wonderful life with my actions

I will start # 3 right now with a giveaway for you! 

Win the Amethyst crystal fringe necklace (in center of photo, featuring camel colored leather and copper beads)

To enter, make sure you're following our blog and leave me a comment below telling me your resolutions along with your email address! You have until 5th at midnight! We'll select a winner at random and contact them on the 6th!

You can also ring in 2013 with 13% off here! Use code: NEWYEAR

What are you're resolutions?


Colorado Adventures!

If you're following us on Facebook or instagram (@soulmakesjewelry) then you already know we've spent the last 10 ish days in Colorado! I will try not to do 16 new blog posts all about it and I realize you've probably already seen a plethora of iPhone photos, but here's the 35 mil pics from our real cameras :)

Here's some from our 6 hour shopping extravanganza in boulder..

Pearl Street is my favorite place to shop!

(Boot shopping...obviously a very serious matter)

My handsome fella!

All shopped out..

Somewhere near Keystone. It was very cold and also very beautiful!

It was the best vacation we've ever had! We go to colorado every year and somehow it gets better every time! We have the pleasure of staying with Trev's Mom and Step Dad(in Denver). They are sooo hospitable and kind. I love getting to spend some time with them! We also got to visit Trev's grandparents(in Keystone), they have the coolest condo and his grandma is an amazing cook! We got to go on lots of our own little excursions too.. We spent a day in Boulder shopping, I got some goods! We got to check out some local wholesale suppliers and as you can imagine, we were blown away, considering where we're from we don't really have giant crystal warehouses and leather factories. We came home with tons of new supplies(including all natural turquoise, antlers, leather hides etc) and lots of inspiration, so look out for some new items hitting the Shop soon! And my birthday, which falls three days after Christmas, was so fantastic! We went to Estes, an awesome mountain town, with Trev's family and they stopped at basically every single rock store we saw(there are MANY!) along the way. It was so amazing! Of course, I spent some time filling orders :) I am so grateful that we got to take an extra long vacation this year and to Trev's family for making it such a wonderful time!

I hope you all had a lovely holiday!!


December 26, 2012

Vacation Update

We landed in Denver, Colorado last Thursday evening. It's been the most amazing adventure ever. We come here every year to spend time with Trev's family and explore. Every year the trip gets even better. I totally want to move here one day. Anyways, here's a quick update via iPhone photos...

We've been up in the mountains of Keystone, shopping in Boulder, and to a big wholesale crystal warehouse and lots of other places too :) I've got some film to be developed! Hope you're all having a lovely holiday!


December 23, 2012

Gift Guide - Rock n Roll Bohemia

Last gift guide of the season, my favorite one!

Rock n Roll Bohemia

The rock n Roll bohemian girl, she's sort of a combination of hippie and southwest queen. She's channeling Stevie Nicks or Janis Joplin. She loves a vintage tee, statement jewelry, especially turquoise. and a good pair of cowboy boots. She's young and hip, but she sometimes wishes she hadn't missed out on all her favorite bands from the 60s. She's a free spirited warrior women with an appreciation for artwork and a good time.

1. Absolutely gorgeous kimono from Girl On A Vine, obsessed!!
2. Rumours vinyl by Fleetwood Mac, this can be found anywhere on the internet, but it would help if it was signed (like my personal copy :)
3. Thunderbird ring from Wild And Free Jewelry
4. Warrior breast plate from SoulMakes
5. Cow Skull from Sky Parlor. I seriously need one of these to hang on my wall.
6. Turquoise Falls Necklace from our very own shop
7. Amazing vintage boots by The Feather Junkie
8. Painting by Georgia O'Keefe, find a GA book or poster anywhere online
9. Graphic tee from MATE vintage

Hope you're all having a great weekend!