January 29, 2016

Weekend Magic

Hope you all enjoy some weekend magic!

Styled with:
Quartz Cluster Candles
Mini Fossil Bowl
Sage Wands
Wonderland Pouch


January 27, 2016

Ready for Valentine's Day?!

Who's ready for Valentine's Day?! It's just a few weeks away! At SoulMakes we believe everyday is a great day to celebrate love but this little holiday is just as good of an excuse as any to spread it around. Love yourself, love your mother, love the earth, love today and everyday!

Ps... crystals last longer than flowers ;)
Head to the shop and check out our Valentine's Day section!

January 25, 2016

Indoor Retreat

Here we are in the dead of winter, January is about to become February and much of the country is covered in an enormous amount of snow. Cabin fever is setting in and you just need a dose of warmth to make it through the tail end of this cold season! Here's our little indoor retreat, a bit of a tropical oasis, with big green plants billowing over a cozy, colorful nook. A perfect glow coming from our Quartz Crystal Lamp and a few scattered shells to carry our thoughts off to a summertime escape! Ah, a perfect break from winter.

Stop by the shop and check our latest home decor, get everything you need to create your own indoor retreat!

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January 22, 2016

Pop of Color - New SoulMakes Wall Hangings

Every year around this time spring fever hits us like a ton of bricks! We become inspired by the thought of mother earth's coming debut. Soon the land will bloom again with bright flowers and lush greenery all around. Although we consider ourselves pretty lucky to live in a part of the country where winter is incredibly mild and flowers prevail year round, we look forward to the coming season. Spring is just a day dream away, forever living in our mind's eye and inspiring some new and colorful designs to help your bohemian home spring forward with a unique pop of color! Stop by the shop and check out the latest wall hangings!

Styled with:
Aurora Dreams Wall Hanging
Sugarshack Wall Hanging
Sugarland Wall Hanging


January 20, 2016

Cozy Crystal Lamps - New SoulMakes!

We are so in love with our new line of cozy crystal lamps, especially the stunning large agate lamp! These beauties give off the perfect amount of light, glowing through an amazing geode, illuminating all it's unique details! Perfect as night lights or for day time, adding a wonderful ambiance to any room! Stop by the shop and see what's new

Styled with:
Agate Lamp
Electric Blue Kantha Bed Quilt
Wonderland Throw Pillows
Agate Coasters
Agate Geode Planter
Assorted Crystals
Antique Glass Bottle
Feather Bunch