January 8, 2016

Spring Daze

A new year is upon us, we're looking ahead, gazing into the bright promise of Spring! Situated amongst the barrier islands of sunny South Carolina, the SoulMakes studio hardly experiences winter weather at all. In fact, we still have flowers remaining from summer and new ones blooming everyday. It's a seemingly endless Spring for us so far, we're happily lingering in a hazy spring time day dream and we really couldn't be more inspired. We've eagerly traded in our Christmas lights for colorful crystals and and freshly cut daisy stems. Our light weight kantha quilts, with fun floral patterns are a perfect fit for the upcoming season. Throw in a couple patchwork pillows and some charming crystal candles for an extra pop of color!  Stop by the shop and check out what's new for spring!

Styled with:
Coral Orange Kantha Quilt
Rainbow Patch Cusion
Rock Salt Candle
Agate Slab Candle
Amethyst Clusters
Assorted Crystals
Antique Glass Bottles
Sneaky look at our Spring wall hangings, coming soon ;)

Have a gorgeous day!

1 comment:

  1. I love the crystals, what a great way to add depth to your home! x