July 31, 2012

What's New!!

We've got some new listings today!!

Arrow Head Choker!!

Mixed leather Necklace!

New Ivory Skull beaded Bracelet <3

Stretch Stack!

Lovely new Necklace

My Favorite Necklace of the bunch <3

Hope everyone is having a lovely week!!



July 30, 2012

Weekend Update - Vacation

We had such an amazing vacation! I took a million photos, so be warned.. I tried to be sure to take different photos with my iPhone than with my real camera. Here's my instagrams..

Bay Bridge..


You can't do a sunrise without having Happy Jack's..

This is the place we stayed..

It was so beautiful, with a huge pool, gym and even private beaches. It was a little oasis in the middle of Ocean City, who knew?


Whenever we go to Ocean City we always wind up in Rehoboth. It's a more "family friendly" beach and the shopping is usually pretty great. It has a very home town kinda beach feeling to it..

Oh we did, of course, spend some time on the beach :) But as usual, we're both photographers, so there's no pictures of the two of us actually together..

And lastly, the beautiful sunset from out condo

I hope I did not just over load you all with vacation pictures. I can't wait to see what my film produced..

Hope you all had lovely weekends!


July 25, 2012


I am thrilled to say that we have finally reached vacation day, I wasn't sure if I would make it. Things at my "real job" have been pretty stressful. I've been there 3 years and this is definitely the craziest summer we've ever had. I work in the service industry, which as we all know can be challenging at times. It doesn't help that the company I work for is even less technologically sound than myself. Our record keeping system and methods of communication are archaic. In short, it often times feels like we are lost. We are also the smallest company in the world, a little known fact to our customers, making me the sole provider of customer service. Everything that happens there goes through me. Customers have been very demanding this year, and not always very nice. It's great that we're busy, but could the human race please take a pause to remember their manners and realize that I am also a human, not some kind of customer service machine. Well ok, let me pause for you then..

In just a few short hours we'll be driving to the beach..

There is nothing like watching the sunrise over the ocean to give me a little humility. God is big. Even though my job has been tough lately, I have a lot of gratitude. I try to remember that while I'm working, while some customer is yelling in my ear. I try to remember that I am completely taken care of and the fact that I have a job to complain about is kind of a quality problem. Anyway, this vacation will be a great refresher. It's amazing what a a little pause can do.

We'll be back in a few days and I'm sure I'll be filled with all kinds of new design ideas! Have a great week everyone!!


Wednesday - What I'm Working On

Coming soon to SoulMakes...Tons of earrings :) Super Excited!

Some new stretch stacks..

Also, I'm having an arrowhead phase..

And my favorite new creation is this rosary <3

 It will be available with a variety of different charms :)


July 24, 2012

Inspiration - Tent Love

Escape into these Tents & Tree Houses


July 23, 2012

What's New!!

We've got a bunch of new listings this morning!!

Red beaded bracelet..

A new faceted Wrap

Finally the Stretch Stacks are here!

This new White wrap was inspired by my friend's wedding <3

And I'm really pretty obsessed with our new Metal Wrap

Last, but not least..Mixed Wrap, I love this one <3

And here's my wrist with several of these lovely new listings

Head over to the shop now to pick out your new additions!


Weekend Update - Eastern Market

This weekend we took a trip to eastern market. It's this amazing flea/Farmer's market in the city.

(Best Hummus Ever)

Tons of fresh fruit to sample, we took home some peaches!

And there's plenty of art and vintage vendors also..

We got stuck on these old maps for a while, they are so neat. We dug through all of them to find one of Virginia.

Check out these old printing press letters...

We purchased one of the printing press trays, I'm going to fill all the little compartments with beads :)

It was definitely a worth while trip!!

Also..Check out this SoulMakes sighting! This lovely lady is going to be modeling for us soon, watch out for our latest photo shoot!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!