May 29, 2012

What's New Part 2!

So when I'm not living in a fantasy land full of turquoise and leather(let's be real, that's never) I have a job. Two actually. My full time job is pretty boring so we just wont talk about that. But part time I pleasure of working at my favorite store ever..Free People! Our brand has some of the most unique and inspiring designs. If for some silly reason you don't know Free People, check them out, you can see where I get so much of my inspiration! I'm pretty much always decked out head to toe in Free People, except of course for my jewelry. And while I'm just at the very begining of my adventure with this jewelry line I've created, all the amazing girls I work with have been super encouraging and I can't thank them enough! You guys are awesome! And here's a few of the lovely ladies rockin my peices..

Katie (on the far right) is wearing Turquoise Falls and actually the necklace she is wearing is one of the first pieces I ever sold <3

Jen(in both photos) is wearing one of our newest items

Don't they look great?! I'm so honored to have you girls wearing my stuff <3

And here's the last new listing of the day, we've got 3 new colors in the Skull Beaded Bracelet
We're super excited to be offering this one in combo packs now!!


What's New!

We have New listings in the shop!! You may notice that the shop looks a little different, and that's because Trevor has been working hard! We are experimenting with some different looks, so be sure to let us know what you think!

First up we have the lovely new Black Turquiose Falls 

and the White Turquoise Falls is finally listed as well!

And as I mentioned before I've been working on some simpler pieces

Stay tuned for even more new listings! 


A few more from my iPhone

So, I just got this iPhone..My first ever smart phone. You could say I'm currently a little bit obsessed with instagram and pic collaging(also checking traffic and weather). Although, I am some what of a photographer in real life. A hobbyist anyway, I love to shoot 35 mm and 120 film. Yes FILM, as in analog :) I've given myself the task of a photo a day with my old trusty film camera, but in the meantime here's a few more from memorial day celebrations..

My pretty friend <3

These dancers were so awesome! I think they must've been burning up and very tired by the end, but they did such a great job!

And of course the White Turquoise Falls Necklace

Hope you all had an awesome Memorial day!


May 28, 2012

Weekend Recap - According to my iPhone

I know that most people are off today, but I'm not and it's Monday..So here's a little weekend recap according to iPhone :)

We went to one of the local Memorial day celebrations. It was pretty neat, lotsa cool little booths set up with all different kinds of art. My favorite of which was the tie dye tent and lovely rock collection pictured above. Maybe one day soon I will have my own little booth! 

Also, I listened to this song about 600 times over the weekend! Nothing like a little Janis Joplin to kick off the summer.


May 25, 2012

Happy Friday!

Yay! I have had such a busy  week, I'm so glad it's Friday and the pool is opening. I plan on spending my weekend swimming and of course beading. I'll probably be listening to these guys too..  

Fleetwood Mac is my all time favorite band! Not only is their music awesome, but Stevie Nicks is definitely one of my style icons! Love her flowy bohemian style. I can often be found listening to Fleetwood Mac while I'm making stuff for SoulMakes. Enjoy!

Hope everyone has a wonderful, long weekend! Happy Memorial Day!

May 24, 2012


This whole jewelry thing started out because I really love to wear a great, unique piece of jewelry. I especially love to wear several pieces, layer it on. Sometimes maybe, I go a little too far, but whatever. Anyway, I started making things just for myself, things that I wanted to wear, because I couldn't seem to find a unique enough piece of jewelry that was super good quality in stores. So I thought it would be fun to show you all how I style some of my very own creations..

This is my Crystal Vision necklace, layered with once of my newer pieces, which is coming soon!

Black Turquoise Falls, which I hope to have posted in the shop by early next week.

Brown Turquoise Falls, layered with the Crystal Choker and a whole bunch of bracelets!! Including the Chunky Turquoise,  Metallic Wrap, and the newest - Leather Charm Wrap(Coming soon!) 

Oh and here's a thumb ring I made out of copper. I am still learning the craft of metal work, so it'll probably be a while before I put anything like this in the shop, but I think it's pretty cool

So that's what my pieces look like in real life, when they aren't being photographed on a solid wood background :) I hope this inspires you all to layer on some of own jewelry. Or stop at SoulMakes and pick some up!


May 23, 2012

Wednesday - What I'm working on

This week I made a black version of of my "Turquoise Falls" necklace. It will be up on Etsy soon, with a very limited quantity!

I had a few requests to do it in black and I'm pretty in love with it. This version also includes a crystal, unlike the brown and white versions :) I had so much fun making it and when I wear it I sort of feel like a bad ass, bohemian biker chick.

I've also been working on some simpler peices..

This one is a mix of red coral, turquoise and a few other round stones. It has some super cute wire wrapping details and of course theres a few feather charms mixed in. Simple doesn't really come easy to me, but I think I'm getting the hang of it.

Last but not least…

Leather charm bracelet!

I'm hoping that soon I can post some behind the scene photos of my peices in the making. But since I'm the one making them and I don't have 8 hands, it's kinda hard.

Hope you're all having a great week and don't forget to check out the SoulMakes Store for new designs coming soon! 


May 21, 2012

Weekend Recap

We had sucha  fun weekend! The international Gem and Jewelry show came to town. It comes every few months and it is like bead heaven! Bead shows are such a great source for buying bulk supplies, you can imagine I was pretty excited!!

Mostly there's tons and tons of beads at the show, but there's also lots of vendors selling finished products. I'm a sucker for all the western items, tons of squash buckles and concho belts! There's always a few seemingly random vendors too. One gentlemen was grilling chiken and veggies on a small stove stop.

I guess Trev is a sucker for grilling, because he bought one of the grills almost instantly. Aside from being super handsome, he's also a really amazing cook! 

So the bead show was a success for both of us! I am loaded up on all kinds of beautiful gems and stones and ready to start making some new things..and Trev can't wait to start grilling in our apartment! Hope you all had a great weekend too!


May 18, 2012


Well here goes.. I'm MacKenzie, with a capital K, but I really preffer to go by MacK

And this is my lovely mom..She's my biggest inspiration. She is such a great artist! When I was kid she hand painted every wall in our house. We had flower covered walls lining the stair case and there was a beautiful sun over looking the kitchen table. She also turned the gazebo in our back yard into her cozy little studio, where she worked with dichoric glass, making necklaces and earings. I even fired a few pieces in the kiln myself. She taught me that I could use my hands to make whatever I wanted..and that it was ok to spill paint on the floor :)

We used to take trips out to WVA, where my grandparents lived, along the way there was this big teepee on the side of the road we always stopped at. The inside was filled with rocks, minerals, crystals, turquoise, and all kinds of southwestern beads. I instantly fell in love with the style and began making my own things.

You can see I'm still heavily influenced by the native culture and I have a serious thing for turquosie! Oh and skulls!

And then there was Trevor…
Isn't he super handsome? Great jawline..I know. He took those lovely photos above of my jewelry. He's an amzing photographer and my biggest supporter! Man, I sure do love this guy. He is constantly encouraging me..usually to do things I'm way too afraid to do on my own, like start my own jewelry line or make a blog. SoulMakes would not be possible without him! And we make a great team, if I do say so myself. I make the jewelry and he does..pretty much everything else <3

Anyways, I'll be using this space to post lots of fun pictures of my latest designs and inspriation. You can visit the shop at and give us a like on facebook..stay tuned!!