June 30, 2014


The mountains here in Virginia are considerably smaller than the mountains I've seen across the west of our beautiful country. But I love how lush and green our blue ridge babies are. When I was a kid I imagined that the mountains were nothing more than layers and layers of very tall trees. I've always loved exploring the Shenandoah area, the view from Skyline Drive is always amazing. The wildflowers are beautiful and the butterflies are mesmerizing. There's so many amazing trails to follow into the wilderness, some speckled with dear and others with flowing falls. It seems there's always more to discover! And, as usual, I had to snap a few shots of our latest designs up on the mountain side. Stop by  the shop and check them out our new collection!

Have a gorgeous day!
MacK Mars

June 23, 2014

Summer of Love

Photography: Trevor Mars
Model: MacK Mars
Necklace, Bracelets & Diamond Ring: SoulMakes
Other rings: Spell Designs & Lux Divine
Crochet Top: Sumika
Live Free Crop Top: Fine n Funky
Printed Shorts: Free People
Washed Denim Cutoffs: Joe's Jean from Planet Blue
Aloha Button Up: Found at a local thrift

This look book happened almost entirely by accident. On our Lake Tahoe honeymoon, Trevor and I stayed in this great little cabin tucked away amongst the towering pines off the lake shore. We were so fond of the ever present 70's vibe throughout the house, with it's old plaid couches, shaggy carpeting and dark wood table tops. Both us of being photographers, we wanted to capture every moment of our magical getaway. So we figured we better do some photos at the place we called our home for the first two weeks of our marriage. The surrounding Tahoe scenery had me inspired and making jewels the whole trip. I threw on some of my latest creations with some thrift finds from the local shops. Trevor pulled out his camera as I danced around the cabin from room to room. There is a certain closeness that Trevor and I share when we do these photo shoots together. My husband behind the lens and me the subject of his eye. Our mutual passion for all things creative bonds us in such a special way. We tend to look at life as an art project, working together a little each day to add to it's beauty and so, Summer of Love was born.

  Our latest collection, with obvious Tahoe influences, can be found in the shop now! We named each item after some of the breathtakingly beautiful places we visited while exploring the area. That gorgeous fringey necklace, affectionately named "Tahoe Tripper" is my current favorite! Be sure to stop the shop and check out all the newest beauties.

Have a gorgeous day!
MacK Mars

June 19, 2014

Calawee Cove

This is my last Tahoe post, promise :)

On one of the trails we hiked we discovered a little beach tucked into the mountains. It was a steep walk down the hillside, but it was well worth it. This little cove was covered in bulky, beautiful rocks to climb and a sandy shore area to lay out in the sun. Some how each beach we found around the lake in the sky was better and more awe inspiring than the last. We had such an amazing time exploring, taking photos and enjoying each other's company. This particular spot inspired a lot of new jewels, watch out we've got new beauties coming to the shop soon!

Have a gorgeous day!
MacK Mars