June 4, 2014

San Gregorio

Jewels by SoulMakes
Cardigan by Free People
Embroidered Tube top (which is actually a skirt) by Jen's Pirate Booty

We ventured out to the most beautiful, quiet state beach on the coast of California. As we drove through the winding mountain roads, taking in all it's surroundings had to offer, I found it hard to believe that we would be seeing the beach so soon. We've never seen anything like San Gregorio beach before. The beaches on the East Coast, where we're from, are completely flat. It was so amazing to see where the mountains met the sea. It's impossible to feel anything other than utter gratitude when you staring out at some of God's most beautiful artwork with your best friend who just became your HUSBAND.

Don't forget!

Have a gorgeous day!
MacK Mars

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