June 30, 2014


The mountains here in Virginia are considerably smaller than the mountains I've seen across the west of our beautiful country. But I love how lush and green our blue ridge babies are. When I was a kid I imagined that the mountains were nothing more than layers and layers of very tall trees. I've always loved exploring the Shenandoah area, the view from Skyline Drive is always amazing. The wildflowers are beautiful and the butterflies are mesmerizing. There's so many amazing trails to follow into the wilderness, some speckled with dear and others with flowing falls. It seems there's always more to discover! And, as usual, I had to snap a few shots of our latest designs up on the mountain side. Stop by  the shop and check them out our new collection!

Have a gorgeous day!
MacK Mars

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  1. Ahh pretty jewels amd view. I have been following on instagram for a while, admiring the beautiful jewls! I made my first purchase and today I got the bracelet. I'm so in love with it ;)