June 17, 2014

Emerald Bay

One of the first things your notice about Lake Tahoe is that the water is clear is glass. It's such a beautiful vibrant gradient of turquoise and blue hues all the way across. They call Lake Tahoe the Lake in the sky because of it's altitude. It's set high up in the mountains and surrounded by pines and redwoods, which makes for extremely clean water, so clean , it's worth tasting! Although the weather is hot, the water remains a bit chilly. But it's so refreshing, you can't help but jump in. There's so many little beaches to see around the lake, each one different and beautiful in it's own right. We hiked down to the Emerald Bay area to find even clearer waters and stunning surroundings. There's no shells to be found on the shore, but there are feathers scattered plenty across the sand. Of course, I had to collect a few. There was wild daises growing in the sandy and there's a lot of history in the Emerald Bay area, including an old Princess Castle. It was such an amazing hike! 

Have a gorgeous day!
MacK Mars

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