January 28, 2015


Keep Austin weird. This was my second visit to Austin and I was so happy to be back. We were only in town about 12 hours, so we decided to make a day of wandering South Congress Street. It was such a beautiful day to be in town, I'm so jealous of the awesome weather that Texans get to enjoy on a regular basis. We strolled around town in short sleeves, soaking in the sunshine and blue skies. South Congress is a colorful street, lined with food trucks, street artists and musicians, vintage shopping, antiques galore, and gorgeous old cars. Austin has an eclectic soul which screams creativity. On every corner there's bright and beautiful murals painted on buildings. There is live music everywhere you look and endless options for delicious food.

We found the best little place to eat, the Soup Peddler. They served us super yummy, fresh fruit smoothies and I was delighted by my peanut butter, honey & banana sandwich, it was toasted to perfection. I like to eat healthy and tasty, so I instantly fell in love. I wish I could have tried every item on their menu, because I am absolutely sure they would have all been just as delicious. If you in town, you should definitely check them out! Oh and on our way to the Soup Peddler we discovered Teysha. It is an amazing little shop full of colorfully embroidered and hand stitched boots, shoes, hats and accessories. Their one of a kind products are handmade in Guatemala, in a happy, safe, empowering environment where a handful of talented artisans can share their gifts with the world! I loved this little shop so much, the intricate patterns and designs really caught my eye and the good cause won my heart, of course.

Undoubtedly, my favorite spots for vintage clothes in Austin are Feathers Boutique and Prototype. Conveniently, these two boutiques are situated right next to each other. Feathers had some awesome, perfectly worn in Levis, just what I was looking for! They also had a ridiculously epic collection of vintage graphic tees. I picked up an amazing vintage Harley tee. On top of their vintage collection, they offer a selection of locally made tees which are super rad and lots of unique, handcrafted jewelry which I can only assume is all made in Texas. A mix of gemstones, metal and leather, the perfect combination of rock n roll meets bohemian. Next door, Prototype is a bit bigger and offers a great selection of mens vintage, alongside a more retro feeling women's section. I love the vibes in this place!

One last place worth mentioning, Uncommon Objects. This place is literally overflowing with vintage and antique chachkies. Everything from old flags to belt buckles, antique books to skulls and basically anything you could dream of finding when you set out to go antiquing. I could wander around here for hours just marveling at all the uncommon objects.

 We had so much fun in Austin! I never get tired of wandering around the country with my husband/best friend. It is absolutely my favorite thing to do! I can't wait for our next adventure.

MacK Mars

January 25, 2015

The Stock Yards

Welcome to the Fort Worth Stock Yards! I was lucky enough to be in town at the same time as the rodeo. Although I didn't get to see any bull riding, I did get to see some real live cowboys herd cattle down the old cobblestone road that runs through town. It was the quintessential Texas tourist experience. The stockyards are lined with great little antique shops, boot stores and bars (some with very funny bar stools). When I imagine Texas in my mind, this is what I think of. There was also an amazing little record store, Chief Records, tucked away in a brick alley. Aside from being extremely aesthetically pleasing, with a mid-century lounge area and turquoise walls, this place had some great records! It was part country, part rock n roll and all good vibes. I only wish I lived in town so I could stop by to catch some of their live music events. If you're in the Fort Worth area, you should definitely check it out!

I had such a blast wandering around with my friend Ashley! She was an amazing tour guide and great company. I like to take a lot of photos, which sometimes annoys my friends, but Ashley is like me. Not only is she a Feather Junkie, she's a photo junkie ;) It was so awesome to hang out with another creative, small business owner and all around kindred spirit! 

Texas is so rad!
MacK Mars