June 6, 2014

As the Sun Goes Down

I made this little dreamcatcher keychain with a giant feather I found on the beach, they are scattered plenty across the sandy shore!

Check out that little lady bug!

Jewels by SoulMakes

We've spent several evenings sitting on the lake shore as the sun goes down. It's such a beautiful time of the evening. The air cools down just enough to throw on a light sweater and cuddle up with my husband on the beach. The sun ducks behind the mountains before it sets, casting shadows and scattered rays across the horizon. I love the way the the layered hills look across the lake. It's like sitting in a perfect watercolor. Being here with my husband has given me the much needed opportunity to refresh my relationship with God and simultaneously grow closer to my soulmate. It's been such a beautiful gift!

Happy weekend!
MacK Mars

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