November 2, 2015

The Dressing Room - Low Country Remix

You've probably figured out by now that we've relocated to sunny South Carolina! We're tucked into the barrier islands that make up the Charleston area, a small pocket of the state that happens to be a subtropical climate, otherwise known as paradise. We're currently in the middle of an extra long summer! Here's a little about the big move..

Trevor and I love to road trip, so it's no surprise that for our first wedding anniversary we celebrated by going somewhere we'd never been before. We arrived in the middle of the night on a Friday Charleston. Having completely forgotten that it was holiday weekend, we had nowhere to stay, all hotels within a reasonable distance were booked solid. So we slept in our car in a Wal Mart parking lot. Honestly, this is kind of the epitome of our relationship. "Going on a date" to us has always meant going on some wild and crazy adventure, not so much dinner and a movie. Anyways, we stayed in Charleston for two nights, fell madly in love, rented a home on our way out and went right back to Virginia where we quickly packed up everything important and sold the rest. We made the move two weeks later. It may sound quick, but there was much thought that went into the big move. Finding a new home was something we'd long discussed and prayed about. Living in the DC area is quite pricey and with a budding small business to care for, we needed to find somewhere that offered comfort and of course, a cheaper cost of living. We'd always planned on Colorado, but it seemed that the road of happy destiny was unequivocally leading us to the low country. Admittedly, the beach helped make the decision easy!

So here we are, living easy in the low country. Having visited only once and briefly at that, we decided to start by renting, while we got the lay of the land. We're in a beautiful four bedroom home, with about a quarter acre of land. It's the first time we've ever lived in a completely detached house. It's a rambler, no stairs and a pretty open layout. The pictures above are of my new dressing room! Naturally, the first room to feel "finished." If you've been following along, you've gathered by now, there's not a single white wall in the entire house. My dressing room is the most neutral color in the house, it's a sort of light blue/grey. Which luckily provides a good backdrop for lot's of SoulMakes wall hangings!

We left a good majority of our furniture behind. So I've had the great pleasure of thrifting around town and I must say, this is some of the best thrifting I've seen in all of the 24 states I've visited. Well kept vintage finds at really good prices, I'm in heaven! There's rattan and mid-century modern everywhere, my two favorites! Oh and don't forget, shell chandeliers a'plenty. As per usual, my little dressing room has provided much inspiration! It's my place to arrange and rearrange, which I find a good habit to help open up my creative channels. It leaves blank spaces on the walls or floor, begging the question, "what should go here?" Which almost always leads to new SoulMakes creations! Naturally, this room has already been rearranged a dozen times since these photos were taken ;)

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