November 8, 2013

Around the Studio

I thought it would be fun to share a couple shots from around the studio at this time of year. We are gearing up for the holidays and the launch of SoulMakes new home decor line. Thew new line is a collection of lovely bohemian trinkets and wall hangings, including one of a kind dream catchers(all will be available soon)! Of course, we also have some special holiday items making their way to the shop. I'm loving our quartz crystal holiday ornaments and I can't wait to show you how we incorporated those gold dipped feathers into this collection. We also decided to make our own holiday tree this year, I collected some large pine tree branches, covered them in gold glitter and decorated them with ribbon, and the perfect little SoulMakes treats!

On a side note, The stunning patchwork lace curtains that are pictured with the dream catchers are for Trevor and I's upcoming wedding! The venue has big windows and no curtains, naturally we decided to make our own. My beautiful bridesmaids have been helping me cut out squares of lace and sheer fabric and we've been sewing it all by hand. They are the most ethereal curtains I've ever seen and they are made with so much love!

Have a beautiful weekend!
MacK Mars

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