January 13, 2014

Misty Mountain Dreams

Beautiful new Snake Charmer Bracelet, with the Desert Gypsy Charm BraceletGypsy Goddess Wrap Bracelet + Vintage rings and Spell Designs Eagle Ring

We have some gorgeous new items in the shop today! One of my New Years resolutions was to work less, relax more. This is a very foreign and mildly uncomfortable concept for me. I'm surprised to find that allowing myself to have me time and relax has made me more productive and has me feeling more inspired than I've felt in a long time. These beautiful pieces were definitely made by with soul, using all my favorite materials. Dreamy crystals, turquoise accents, stunning antique coins, soft leather and feathers. These beauties feel so fresh and ethereal to me, I'm especially fond of the lovely little Phoenix Charm Necklace. Stop by shop and check out the new loves!

Have a beautiful day!
MacK Mars

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