February 5, 2014

Featured Artist: Hannah Chloe

I was so excited and honored to collaborate with the majorly talented street artist, Hannah Adamaszek. I am a long time fan of her amazing art! One of my favorite things about my job is getting to meet other creative souls and being able to share our talents with the world together. Hannah's work is so wonderfully profound and unique. It's just the right combination of edgy and feminine. The women in her paintings are subtle and delicate, yet bold and strong. I love the earthy tones and bohemian vibe of these beauties. When I first laid eyes on these gorgeous works of art, I could immediately feel the energy. Just holding them in my hands and marveling at their grace made me somehow feel extremely proud to be woman and an artist. I could not wait to hang these mini prints in the SoulMakes studio! I immediately arranged them alongside tons of vibrant crystals, beautiful feathers and of course, some of my current favs from the shop. I think they fit in so perfectly and I am thrilled to have these totally inspirational pieces hanging in the studio. 

Head over to Hannah's website: Here and be sure to check out her shop to purchase your own prints!
You can also follow Hannah on instagram and twitter @hannahadamaszek & check out her facebook page: here

All Jewelry and other decor  pictured by SoulMakes:
Into the Mystic Dream Catcher

Have a beautiful day!
MacK Mars

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  1. Nice post!! I allready knew Hannah and her work, adn afcourse been a fan of her from the beginning. And this combinatoin is so beautiful! Makes me want to paint and make jewelry myself! Lovely

  2. She is so talented! Love all of these pieces!!! :)
    xo TJ