November 10, 2014

SoulMakes Crystal Collection

We have tons of new items in the shop today, including lots of gorgeous decorative crystals! As long as we can remember, we've been obsessed with the beauty and power of Earth's crystals. We've scattered them about our house, in our windowsills, on our table tops, in glass jars, displayed on shelves, basically anywhere they'll fit! And finally, we've put together a SoulMakes crystal collection all for you. From larger, decorative citrine points and amethyst clusters, to crystal candle holders and agate coasters! We have thoughtfully curated mini crystal sets in classic SoulMakes pouches, created to bring you all good vibes. Each stone holds it's own healing intentions and beauty, to promote love and happy energy! You can read more about each crystal and see more photos in the shop's crystal section here.

Have a gorgeous day!
MacK Mars

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