November 18, 2014

Caught in a Dream

Jewelry by SoulMakes (New collection of jewels just added to the shop!)
Blankets & Pillows by SoulMakes (Queen sized bed is covered in multiple throws)
All Room & Wall Decor (Antique glass bottles, Dried flower & feather bouquets, Dreamcatchers, Crystals, Coasters, Mirror) by SoulMakes 
Skull found at Lucketts
Bed Side Table Created by Dale Weller
Photographers: MacK & Trevor Mars
Pseudo Model: MacK Mars

The latest look book was shot in the Mars Family Home. Caught in a Dream, that is more or less the reality of our lives. The dream, of course, is SoulMakes. Our little love child, our blooming passion. Here we are in our new home, adorned wall to wall with dreamcatchers, mirrors and jewelry crafted by SoulMakes. Surrounded by the gifts of our growing business, truly we are caught in a dream. 

This book is a glimpse inside our magical little world. In it we've captured the creative process that is present throughout the house, decorating! Using white walls like blank canvases, covering them in various SoulMakes wall hangings and even some jewelry! We add a pop of color to most rooms in the house by adding kantha blankets and pillows. Their vibrant patterns add such a fun elements to the room, not to mention they are so soft and cozy, it's hard not to find yourself all wrapped up in them. Even better if you're covered in SoulMakes Jewels ;)

We've just released a whole new collection of dreamy jewelry. Using classic SoulMakes materials; leather, coins, shells and for the season we've incorporated some more warm & metallic details withs lots of eye catcher copper beading. We love this collection all layered up together, and don't forget a touch of turquoise!

Stop by the shop and check out the latest jewels here and see whats new in the house & home section here

Have a gorgeous day!

Have a gorgeous day!
MacK Mars

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