March 18, 2014

DIY Wedding Favors

As many of you know, Trevor and I will be getting married in just two short months! Both of us are artists, so it makes sense that our big day is going to be the greatest art project ever. We ordered some clear mason jars, with handles for our guests to drink out of at the reception. We decided to personalize them a little bit by drawing a unique design on each glass. They will make the perfect little take home gifts for our friends! This DIY is super easy, all you need is some clear glasses and a white paint marker(or you can you use as many different colored markers as you like)!

I decided to draw little mandala style designs on the glasses. Start from the inside and work outward on the circle. Using either a dot, diamond or triangle in the center of the glass and fanning out from there with different geometric shapes. Have fun with it, don't worry about perfection!

Of course, I had to draw a few feathers too!

They look even better once they're filled with lemonade! I think our wedding reception guests will love these.

We are also planning on having a little "crystal buffet" where guests can fill their cups with rose quarts, amethyst, citrine etc at the end of the night to take home as an additional souvenir.

And these beauties also make a really gorgeous vase for flowers and feathers

Time to get creative! Have a gorgeous day!
MacK Mars


  1. That is going to be so cute! I can't wait to see more photos...


  2. I haaaaave to try this, thank you for the DIY !

  3. I have tried but i was not able to create magic out of them.These all looks so beautiful that everyone will try them.

  4. Beautiful!! Love these DIY wedding favors which are perfect for giving a personal touch to the wedding. I will definitely try it in my wedding.

  5. Wow this is such a beautiful idea. Can change up the look by adding ribbons depending on the look of your wedding!

  6. Awesome! Feeling lovely by looking this lovable wedding favors. All favors are very valuable.