March 24, 2014

Gypsy Blossom

Jewels + Decor: SoulMakes
Photography + Concept: Trevor & MacK Mars
Model: Kathleen
Flower Crown: Wild and Free Jewelry

I can feel the lightness of Spring gradually pushing through what's left of winter, making room for itself to bloom. The birds have begun to sing again as the early sun rises. The air is becoming lighter with warm & subtle winds sweeping past my cheeks and through my hair. This is my favorite season. The coming of spring is an oasis amid a dark and dreary winter. I will never grow bored of watching the seasons change. The way the Earth blooms and becomes reborn again, seemingly without effort, is one of the most beautiful things I have the pleasure of witnessing on this fine planet.

Naturally we wanted this book to reflect all of our favorite aspects of of the season, although we couldn't travel far enough away to find warm temperatures. We shot the book in our very own home! We created our own Spring time day dream with bright flowers and dreamcatchers hand made from dried rose vines. The stunning model, Kathleen, wears spring whites, a few pastels and is covered in the latest SoulMakes jewels for the added touch of color. Another reason we love this season, less clothes leaves more room to layer on all that jewelry! The whole book was shot with an ever so slight blushing undertone, which creates such a lush & dreamy vibe. We love it!

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Have a gorgeous day!
MacK Mars


  1. Jewellery and blooms to die for <3

    Zoe xx

  2. This post is like a dream!! I want it all between the jewelry to the awesome dream catcher collection xx

    Vanilla Fringe