August 11, 2014

Decorating with Feathers

As we gear up for fall, there I said it, we prepare ourselves to go back indoors and do a bit of hibernation. If you're like me, the lack of sunlight and the cold earth can be a little bit challenging. So, I've been inspired to expand upon SoulMakes home decor line, a little at a time as we head into the next season. I've got a few suggestions on how to style our lovely new home decor items..

First up, feather bunches! Beautifully collected feathers, hand bound in leather and adorned with antique coins & copper beading. These beauties look absolutely perfect in the top of old glass bottles!

And, just add lavender! Something about aromas becomes very important to me during the cold months. Around here it gets pretty darn chilly, we stay inside a lot, so having a yummy smelling house can be very up lifting. And I believe that form AND function should always go hand in hand, so this idea is just perfect!

Decorate your coffee table with feather bunches at the center. We collect ours in a mango wood bowl with some of our other favorite items. Keep the summer spirit alive by adding a few shells and keep your energy up with some magical crystals!

Attach it to your keys!

Add them to door knobs, drawer knobs and cabinets!

Accessorize your favorite bag!

Hang them in your window, along with your favorite SoulMakes Dreamcatcher and some crystals!

Here at SoulMakes, we believe in feathers. The symbolism behind them is as old as man himself. Feathers are a defining feature for creatures that fly; soaring high above, defying gravity. The idea of floating away in the sky, seemingly effortless and graceful, has always conjured up feelings of freedom for me. Thus, feathers have a strong connection to the notion of total ease and abandon. Everyone knows, to truly experience inner freedom, you must be rid of fear. So it makes sense that feathers have also been symbols of bravery and strength to many different peoples for thousands of years. Feathers were often awarded to warriors as sign of respect, by Native Americans, after conquering enemies. These honorable prizes were proudly displayed in their homes, handled with great care and served as a reminder of how one should behave on a daily basis. So you can see why we love feather so much and all that they stand for, aside from being so aesthetically pleasing, they carry with them great meaning and value.

Have a wonderful day!
MacK Mars

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