August 18, 2014

SoulMakes Wedding: Part I

A SoulMakes Wedding, photographed by Sarah Loven 

During the ceremony I wore:
Free People Principessa Dress
SoulMakes Wandering Goddess Necklace & Mountain Mama Necklace
SoulMakes Head Band, Bracelets and Diamond Soul Ring
Spell Designs Wolf & Eagle Rings
Lux Divine turquoise Ring
My lovely bridesmaids all wore white Free People dresses with SoulMakes Jewelry
Hair: Five Star Hair
Make Up: Melissa Goss
All dream catchers & decor made by SoulMakes

Alas, Our wedding photos are in! We were so thrilled to have Sarah Loven & her husband Josh shoot our special day. They did a wonderful job capturing all the little details. These photos are from the getting ready process, having our hair and makeup done and slipping into our lovely dresses was so much fun! The hardest part for me, of course, was deciding what jewels to adorn myself with. We had set up the venue the night before, so while we took our time getting ready, Sarah did an amazing job capturing some of the untouched little details before all the guests arrived. Every little thing was done by hand, I spent the 9 months leading up to our big day making special one off dream catchers, collecting and hand painting clear glass bottles, making jewels for all my girls! All the floral arrangement was done by us the night before, I made the boutineers, we built our Chuppah(arch) at the venue the night before. It was so amazing to see all our hard work come together.

The ceremony was beautiful. My uncle officiated, Trevor and I asked him to get ordained for us. His wife also spoke during the ceremony and gathered with us girls before hand to lead us in prayer. These two beautiful people have been a huge example to Trevor and I, showing us how to gracefully handle the ups and downs of relationship & acting as spiritual advisers in our lives, so we thought it would be perfect to have them marry us!

Walking down the aisle was nothing short of magical, I don't think I've ever smiled so big in my life. My dad had the most touching idea to actually give my hand to Trevor, so when we reached the altar, he placed my hand in Trevor's hand. Trevor and I spent a lot of time writing our own vows, we wanted to make sure we included all the unique ways in which we care for and will continue to care for each and we especially wanted to make sure to include the close relationship we share together with God. It was amazing to share the vows with all our loved ones! The ceremony went by so fast and was so magical.

Afterwards, the second we were inside, there was a moment where Trevor and I had the most legendary hug. I cried tears of joy and he hugged me close and it was perfect! There's a million more things I'd like to say and also, no possible way to say it all because it was the most beautiful day of my life and there just are not enough words to accurately describe it's amazingness...

We have a ton more pictures and will be sharing the next batch, of the reception, very soon!
Have a gorgeous day!
MacK Mars


  1. These pictures are beautiful! Awesome memories :-)

  2. the photos and ceremony look amazing, you look so beautiful MacK!

    Zoe xx

  3. These look amazing! it looks like it was a beautiful day out as well! thanks so much for sharing these personal photos! and Great job on all of the details! :)