March 27, 2015

In Bloom

Photos by MacK Mars

The SoulMakes Studio is in bloom and it's official. I'm completely obsessed with flowers. Not the kind of obsessed where I know everything or even anything about them, sometimes I don't even know their names. But I am totally head over heels for anything that grows out of mother earth and yields bright petals. I'm kind of in awe that these beautiful beings grow out of the very ground we walk on. I'm particularly mesmerized by the wide variety of colors and hues that appear in each individual flower. Bright reds, blushing coral tones, deep blues, pastels, the most vibrant shades of greens and everything in between. The number of different and unique colors that come to life with each bloom is enough to blow my mind, colors I've never even imagined before.

Naturally, spring is one of my favorite seasons. It's a time when earth comes back to life. I'm ever impressed and inspired by the vision our Creator has when painting the canvas that is our world. I seek to understand all living beings and to regard the mysteries of life with curiosity and joy. I admire all forms of life and seem to always find beautiful and wondrous metaphors in nature that parallel our human lives perfectly. I thoroughly delight in each one of these connections! I also truly believe that the presence of life brings about a certain undeniable happiness and especially flowers, with their effortless grace and every perfectly imperfect detail from petal to stem. I have literally surrounded myself in plant life and tons of florals this season. I enjoy arranging them into wild bouquets that probably wouldn't ordinarily be found all together. I spend time noticing each tiny detail, which are only magnified behind my camera lens. I'm especially fond of the pink Peonies. Their delicate petals swirling with an array of soft pinks and diving into deep plum coloring. It almost resembles a paint brush stroke perfectly and how stunning that is! All the photos above are from the SoulMakes Studio over the last week or so, I wanted to share a bit of my flower joy with you all on this lovely Friday!

Have a beautiful weekend!
MacK Mars

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