April 20, 2015

Spring Awakening

We are so excited about our latest collection of home decor! Inspired by the spring awakening that occurs each year at this time, our newest designs are bright and playful to add a touch of joy to your sacred spaces. We have a whole new selection of agate wind chimes, in a rainbow of choices. These beauties are perfect for indoor or outdoor festivities this season! Our big conch shells, collected across the east coast, make a beautiful centerpiece on your coffee table or a lovely addition to your chachky shelves. I especially love the idea of putting a little air plant inside the shells. I'm really loving the mixing and matching of plant life with other pieces of mother nature, like crystals and shells and even dried flowers. Being surrounded in these treasures creates such a lively vibe. Our gorgeous new Wildflower Sage Bundles are a beautiful way to cleanse your living space and get ready for the new beginning that is spring. They also make for super cute table top decor. Perhaps my favorite pieces in this collection are our newest macrame wall hangings. Made with driftwood collected on California beaches, these designs are intricate and elegant and they look good pretty much everywhere!
Be sure to stop by the shop and check out all our our latest creations!

MacK Mars

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