April 29, 2015

Rosey Disposition

Spring always seems to bring with it a certain rosey disposition. This is such a magical time for our mother earth, she comes alive again. Flowers bloom, birds chirp and the sun shines for the first time after a dark winter. I try to savour each of these spring time moments, carefully noticing all the bright details, especially the way our Creator paints the blooming petals of my flower garden. I spend a few moments each day meditating on the sounds of spring, just listening to the buzz in the air. I love the chorus of insects and birds humming and chirping throughout the day. It seems to coo me into a certain kind of calmness, like a lullaby perfectly written by my mother nature herself.

This is the first time in our lives that we've a backyard, or even so much as a designated outdoor area connected to our living space. We have a beautiful front porch, large back deck and below it a magical little oasis of a backyard. Since it's warmed up we've been spending plenty of time in the back yard. It's become quite a perfect escape. We've filled it with plants and flowers and I can't get over just how wonderful it is that we plant seeds and they grow into such magnificent and colorful little life forms.

Set a top our coffee table in this our secret backyard lounge is an array of rock salt candles. I have fallen in love with these radiant beauties. They range in colors from deep pinks to lighter peaches. Pink seems to have such a soft energy about it. And with candles lit inside these beauties, they radiate in a way that is so ethereal and relaxing. I just want to sit out there all day, sipping tea by the soft glow of these rock salt candles, enjoying a cool spring breeze amidst the afternoon sun. It is simply heavenly!
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Have a beautiful day!
MacK Mars

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  1. absolutely stunning photos, what a beautiful layout it make my heart warm!!!