April 23, 2015

Welcome to the Jungle

Welcome to the jungle (backyard). We moved into our house last fall, so there wasn't much going on back there until now. It remained empty and mostly untouched. During the cold months we'd spent most of our outside time above the backyard, on the deck. But alas, spring is upon us. We trekked out to our favorite flea and collected an amazing, old, repurposed potting table and a little side table. We also grabbed some pots or things that we re-imagined into planters, like an old cast iron tea pot. We've never had a back yard before, so you can imagine our excitement. It's mostly concrete back there, so this potting table was the best way to have a garden. Easy to care for and more or less portable. Our flowers have already begun to bloom and how beautiful they are! 

This little nook of a garden is so filled with life and naturally, I also filled it with our latest SoulMakes designs. There's something so magical about the plants and crystal living together. There's a certain inexplicable feeling and aesthetic to it. We especially love using our various crystal candle holders as planters, they make a gorgeous home for succulents. We have a lovely collection of sea shells in the shop that make perfect table top decor. I'm quite fond, also, of how lovely a little air plant looks tucked inside the curling shells. I had a little smudging ceremony in this new sacred space, using our wildflower smudge stick. It made the backyard smell delicious and got such a good vibe going. My favorite piece out back is our new agate wind chimes, I love the soft sweet sound of them blowing around delicately in the spring breeze. Much of our latest home selection is so versatile, perfect for indoor and outdoor spaces. How will you decorate your outdoor space this spring?

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MacK Mars

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