May 11, 2015

Mini Flags - New at SoulMakes

You may have seen the Festival Flags we created for Free People, well we decided there should be a mini version in the world! These little flags are made with driftwood, collected on the California Coast and hand painted with tribal designs. One style features a bright, triangle kantha flag and the other is adorned with leather fringe, shells and feathers! There are a million possibilities for decorating your boho abode with these beauties! They look adorable in a window sill, they go perfect planted in the garden next to your favorite flowers and there's so many ways to use them as a bright centerpiece on you summertime table, indoor or out! For extra creativity points, you can attach it to your bike like I did :)

Stop by the shop and check out the new mini flags! Along with a bunch of other new goodies!
MacK Mars

1 comment:

  1. Wow these are awesome. I collected some drift wood this weekend on my mothers day camping trip and now I know what to create with them.