May 25, 2015

That Summer Feeling

Finally, summer is upon us. The hot sun blazing away, breathing fresh life into mother earth with fantastic blooms and lush green grass. It's a colorful time of year, it's our favorite time of year. Sweet bird songs fly through the air, their melodies charm our imaginations. We cant help but drift off into a summer time day dream, filled with palm leaves and tropical flowers, and the ocean singing it's lullaby of hushed waves. That summer feeling. No matter how old we get this season seems to carry a certain sense of freedom. It's that time of year when we finally give into the wanderlust we've been feeling for so long. We let ourselves get a little wild.

Our latest creations were inspired by that magical summer feeling. Made with vibrant gemstones, colorful fringe, bright wool weaving, wood beads and of course, lot's of shells! All it's splashy textures are sure to transport you to a tropical place in your mind. This collection has a certain beachy vibe, kind of washed ashore feeling, that goes perfect with a pair of cut-offs and your favorite old tee. It's the kind of jewelry that you can easily throw on, layer up in and hit the road for a perfect summer adventure.

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MacK Mars

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  1. these pieces are gorgeous, I love the photography too!!