June 4, 2015


A few weekends ago Trevor and I drove down south to Charleston, South Carolina. The city immediately greets you with a towering skyline of old church steeples, each one with it's own jungle of a garden behind beautiful iron gates. Old gravestones mingle with tropical greens and cobble stone streets. There's a bit of french influence in the architecture and design of down town's streets. The buildings are gorgeous, painted in various pastel shades of pink and green. Oak trees climb over top your pathway, growing in every directions, limbs drizzling with Spanish moss. The plant life is absolutely amazing. There's palmetto trees every where you look, and if you're lucky enough to get lost on some sandy trail you might find yourself inside what feels like a small glimpse of a rain forest or jungle. Even the azalea bushes, which litter the town, appear to be a more tropical version of themselves. Locals grow cactus and hibiscus plants, the sweltering heat and humidity make it a perfect place to get creative with your garden. Most of the time you're surrounded by water on pseudo islands. Lakes, rivers and ocean hug the shore from every angle. The beaches are gorgeous and covered with shells and fossils for miles. What a perfect place!

We fell in love instantly with the calm energy of chucktown and it's people. It's a bright, vibrant place while also remaining somewhat quiet and secluded. Personally, I love the heat. Humid heat is my favorite kind of weather. I've always dreamed of exploring thick swamp lands and living by the beach. My dreams are coming true! In a few days we'll be relocating to this little paradise down south! We are so excited for our next great adventure and so inspired by our future surroundings. It's going to be a wonderful place to call home for us and for SoulMakes!

MacK Mars  

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