May 13, 2015

New SoulMakes Treasures

Have you seen our new catch-all dishes?! We've just added a few limited edition beauties to the shop! The stunning quartz & rose quartz dish, made from rough crystals are the prefect little jewelry dishes. Pile in your favorite SoulMakes jewels and display them beautifully on you dresser top. These stunning crystals practically glow, they are so radiant and carry with them good vibes to brighten your space. They also make the perfect little resting place for our smudge sticks! 

We also have a small run of vintage trinket trays available! These gorgeous dishes were crafted many moons ago in Japan. They took a journey, perhaps in some travelers suitcase, all the way back to the states ages ago. Cherished by their previous owners, they are well preserved and perfectly worn. Printed with beautiful birds, flowers and leaves, almost tropical in design. They boast a light gold dusting around the edges, which also trails throughout the paradise-like pattern across the surface of the dish. What a perfect place to toss your keys and change at the end of a hard day's work. Not only is it an elegant spot to display your most treasured jewelry, it adds a perfect vintage touch to any room. 

Be sure to stop by the shop and check out all the new arrivals!
MacK Mars

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