August 3, 2015

Botany Bay

Botany Bay is a real slice of paradise just down the road from the new SoulMakes studio. It's the kind of place you see in movies but can't imagine it exists in real life. Palm trees grace the shore line, tangled up in the branches of sun bleached seedlings. Old driftwood buried in the sand reveals itself during high tide. Perhaps the most amazing thing about this preserved piece of land is all the treasure that washes up on the coast. The kind of shells you might spend hours searching for, hoping to find that one unbroken, perfectly curled conch shell, they're right at your feet on Botany Bay. Everywhere you look, ancient shells ghost the ground. This is the kind of place where you truly leave only your footprints and you take no souvenirs. Although a big part of me wishes I could take home shells by the bucket full, that would ruin the experience for the next traveler. (Also, they check your bag on the way out ;) You're not allowed to take any shells, instead people hang them on the surrounding palm trees. It's really a magical thing to see!

We wandered around this little haven for a few hours one weekend. Dipping our toes in the water and watching the pelicans soar above us. We couldn't be more grateful to live in a place where this kind of scenery is just an everyday occurrence. Our new home town fills us with all kinds of inspiration, some of which is quite evident in our latest line!

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I'm wearing:
Palmita Necklace + Kailani Necklace + Mountain Mama Necklace by SoulMakes
All bracelets by SoulMakes
Belt from Free People
Best pair of $3 vintage wranglers from local thrift!

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  1. Oh I would be so tempted to hoard some shells, what a breath taking zen zone.