September 7, 2015

Good Vibrations

We're pickin' up good vibrations! Living here on the barrier islands lends us a much different way of life. Everything is a bit slower and calmer. Everywhere we go we're greeted by inspiring landscapes, sandy shores, salty waves, and an you believe we've still got all kinds of flowers blooming?! Everyone we meet is warm and friendly. There's no shortage of happy energy around here, that's for sure. Naturally, all this has us feeling super in touch with our creative notions and I'm sure you can tell our latest collection of jewelry and home decor is completely reminiscent of those good vibes were surrounded by.

The latest jewelry designs feature many of our favorite stones and crystals, vibrant agates and polished quartz points, to help balance out your energies! These gems help harmonize us and bring peace into our lives. There's mala style beads a'plenty in this collection as well, which help focus the mind on meditation. We've brought together much of favorite spiritual symbolism with a dash of coastal inspiration, good vibes are on the way for sure!

This collection wouldn't be complete without a few healing crystals! We have some stunning new collections, as well as some bold therapy stones. These large, tumbled gems are both stunning and powerfully restorative to the mind and spirit. Gorgeous new wall hangings with bright agates, driftwood and lots of oceanside charm, hang perfectly on your walls to bring in some extra good vibes!

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The new home goodies will be available next week!
MacK Mars

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