September 30, 2015

Retro Revival

It's a retro revival this fall. Like most of the country, perhaps even the world, we've become increasingly enamoured with the mid-century modern look. Clean lines, simple designs and punchy colors. Our latest collection of wall hangings and home decor is reminiscent of the days when hair was long, love was free and music transported people to a magical place. Imagine, California Dreamin' spinning on the record player, you glance out the window and notice the leaves outside are beginning to change and fall to the ground. The bright autumn sun streams into your cozy little space, lighting up your soul and bouncing off a collection of colorful crystals. Candles lit all over, little plants linger around the room, remnants of the season past, living in tall, towering amethyst planters and agate geodes. This is the place. The Sugar Magnolia wall hanging, hovers overhead, vibrant agates catching glints of sun rays. There's fringe falling here and there from beautiful wall decor. All this, creating the perfect atmosphere of a calm and quiet autumn settling in.

Stop by the shop and check out our latest house and home pieces to get your little love shack ready for the coming season!


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