September 15, 2015


We're sitting pretty in an extra long summer courtesy of the barrier islands, while the rest of the country is on the heels of autumn. You know what that means, time to fall in love with the indoors once again. As always, our latest collection of home wares was inspired by our love of the outdoors and coastal living. With a mix of drift wood, rattan, and flowing cotton ropes that could have been found washed ashore after some long ago shipwreck, eye-catching color pops, vintage textiles and some serious 70s vibes, these cooler seasons are going to be a breeze! It's time to get comfy and cozy, light a few candles and snuggle up. The season of nesting has officially begun! Are you ready?

Stop by the shop and check out our latest home pieces here! Find everything you need to make this the best indoor season ever!


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