October 9, 2013

DIY Coffee Filter Flowers

This DIY is super fun and easy and can be done in a variety of ways. The first part is dyeing your coffee filters, all you need is:
Coffee Filters
Acrylic paint
Bowls & Water

Fill some large plastic bowls about halfway, with water. Add a glop of acrylic paint and stir. This is a very simple way of dying the paper, mostly because I happened to have all these supplies lying around my house on any given day. But you could also go to the store and get some more traditional dye. Drop a handful of filters into each color, ring them out and set them aside to dry.

This part is, of course, optional. You could also use colored tissue paper rather than dying your own paper.

Once the coffee filters are dry(let them dry overnight), you'll need a pair of scissors and some wire.

1. Grab a handful of dried coffee filters
2. Fold into fourths
3. Cut petal shape out of the wide fan part of your filters
4. Cut a graduated variety of sizes, unfold them and lay them on top of each other (You'll want at least two of each size. You can go as big or small as you want!) 
5. Cut about a foot of wire, make a 'knot' at one end of your wire and stick the other end through the middle of all your filters. (the knotted end will keep the wire from slipping all the way through the paper)
6 & 7. starting with your smallest cut out, begin peeling up each layer of paper one by one, fluff as needed.
8. Pinch the bottom of the flower to create a good shape
9. Wrap the wire around the base a few times to hold it all together
10. Beautiful finished flower!
Have fun with this, try all different shapes and sizes. I definitely want to do this again and experiment with different types of flowers!

If you want to, you can make a stem for these beauties very easily. (I made some with and some without)

All you need is:
Paper flowers
Floral Tape

1. Tear off a small piece of news paper
2. Roll it up, long ways
3. Using the excess wire hanging out of your flower, wrap the rolled paper onto the pinched base. Twist the paper a bit and continue wrapping the wire all the way down.
4. Add floral tape, start from the top and cascade your way down to the end of the stem! (You could wrap leaves in as well, if you want to get super creative. But I liked the look without leaves.)

Side Note: If you don't do a stem you can use the excess wire to wrap you flowers around all sorts of things around you house (IE. a bed post, a stair rail, a chair back, shutters etc etc)

Here's what I did with some of my gorgeous paper flowers..

(Mountain Mama Necklaces by SoulMakes)

I hope this inspired you all to get creative!
Have a beautiful day!
MacK Mars

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  1. They look like real flowers, so pretty!

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  4. Very artistic and creative, I love it!