October 15, 2013

Finally Fall

Fall has finally arrived here and we couldn't be more excited. Our home is littered with tiny little pumpkins and squashes. We have candles burning all day and of course SoulMakes fall collection is scattered about our home studio. We often times look around our place in wonder at the warm and cozy atmosphere we've created. It's a small space but it's so filled with love and it had me feeling very inspired, so I created this little Autumn vignette to share with you all. I love arranging these gorgeous still lifes in our home, often inspired by our latest jewelry creations. It's important for me as a designer to be able to see our beautiful pieces on display and it seems to promote even more inspiration in me!

I hope you all are enjoying fall as much as we are!
Have a beautiful day,
MacK Mars

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  1. I love your little still lifes and your gorgeous jewelry. One day I hope to own a piece or two! all the best with your fall sales!
    So happy to have stumbled onto you

  2. Beautiful!!! It gives me so much inspiration!

  3. I love the dream-like quality of these pictures...