December 9, 2013

Crystal Wonderland

This holiday season I gave out a bunch of our beautiful little crystal ornaments as gifts to my friends. I was really delighted to see and hear what each of them did with theirs, so I thought I'd share a few of their creative ideas with you! There's the obvious way, they make such a unique addition to a Christmas tree. It's a perfect little bohemian accent for the holidays, but it's not just a holiday ornament...

Add one to your keyring as a little key chain!

Hang one on your wall, next to your favorite SoulMakes dream catcher perhaps.

One friend told me she hung her crystal ornament from her closet door knob and each time she opens up her closet, she imagines she's entering into a beautiful, crystal wonderland. I thought that was just perfect, so I decided to hang a few from our front door knob!

I've seen a few ladies wearing these beauties around their wrist as a bracelet. Quartz is known as the 'universal stone' because of it's many uses. It's a master healing stone, drawing off negative energy. Wearing this beauty around your wrist could create some really great vibes!

And I just had to sneak this photo in, we got some snow! Doesn't this little guy look right at home amongst the icicles?!

There's so many ways to incorporate these ornaments into your home or adorn yourself with them.

How would you use our Crystal Ornaments?

MacK Mars 

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