December 2, 2014

Dream Land

Blankets & Pillows by SoulMakes
Agate Coasters  & Decorative Crystals by SoulMakes
Jewelry by SoulMakes
Antique Glass Bottles & Feather/Flower Bouquets by SoulMakes

The latest additions to SoulMakes House & Home section have us drifting away in a colorful day dream. Swept up in the sweet aroma of dried Wildflower Bouquets, the scent of lavender always lures us into our deepest imaginations, in which we conjure up the most majestic bohemian soiree. This magical place is decorated with vibrant gems, our tasty teas set upon agate coasters. Big amethyst clusters and beautiful rose quartz nuggets lend us happy vibes and good energy. Our eyes feast upon the buffet of texture offered up by scattered feather bunches, antique glass bottles and all sorts of gypsy charms hanging about. Stunning kantha quilts and pillows beg us to get comfortable, with their snugly, soft touch and mesmerizing prints. We might stay awhile, here in this caravan of color & texture. Why not? 

We invite you to create your own dream land with everything you need to make it a reality in our House & Home section! 

Have a gorgeous day!
MacK Mars

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