December 10, 2014

DIY Holiday Ornaments

The simplest DIY ever done, so simple it may not even earn the title "DIY" but here it goes..
Empty Holiday Ball Ornaments (definitely get plastic, not glass, if you're clumsy like me)
Glitter, Moss, Crystals, Lavender & anything else you think might look good inside (why didn't I think to use feathers?!)

Not that any explanation is really necessary, but just in case.. Fill those empty ornaments to your heart's desire. For glitter and lavender, I recommend using a funnel of sorts. A coned piece of paper works just fine. Just a warning, if you plan on filling with crystals or anything heavy, make sure the metal top is secure(especially if you're using glass ornaments, which you should not!), those little metal guys slip out really easily when there's that much weight in the bottom. If you feel like it, tie a little twine around the top for easy hanging. Lastly, adorn your tree with these little DIY beauties and don't forget you favorite SoulMakes Ornaments either! There ya have it, there's really nothing to it! Get creative, mix and match materials, play around!

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Have fun!
MacK Mars

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