December 26, 2014

Garden of the Gods

I'm wearing:
SoulMakes Diamond Ring, Bracelets, Mountain Mama Necklace & Revival Choker
Spell Eagle & Wolf Rings
Sister of the Sea gorgeous, giant turquoise ring
Bandit Brand graphic tank
Free People plaid button up, shaggy cardigan & bells
Vintage squash blossom, pinky rings & belt (from personal collection)

Trevor and I ventured out to Garden of the Gods and wandered around for a little while. There was a light layer of snow sprinkled around the red rock pathways & the sun was shining high in the sky. I love the way you can feel the sun beat down on you out here in the midwest. Where we're from there's not much chance of warmth or bright days in the middle of winter, there's too much humidity and tree cover. It's so refreshing to find such an radiant winter season. I wish we could stay here forever! 
Until next time..

Happy Holidays!
MacK Mars


  1. Hello from a silent reader who has been around for a few months and who figured it was about time to not be so silent anymore! I wanted to let you know that I'm loving the vibe of these photos! Your outfit is a perfect combination and your jewelery is just stunning. This place looks like one of those magical places that has so many photos there just waiting to be noticed, captured, and shared. Thanks for seeing this natural beauty and for sharing it here!! Wishing you a Happy New Year!

  2. Those jeans absolutely rock! And, wow, what a stunning landscape, you're lucky to live near somewhere so beautiful.