December 29, 2014

Mountain Mama

I'm wearing:
SoulMakes Diamond Ring, Mountain Mama Necklace, Revival Choker, Bracelets
Bandit Brand Mountain Mama graphic tee
Free People shaggy cardigan
Vintage belt & buckle

I never tire of the Colorado sunset! Somehow the clouds out here pillow so majestically and seem to be magically suspended in the sky, as if they were hung there just especially for your viewing pleasure. Each night as the sun falls the sky lights up in a pastel array of blues and pinks and oranges. We are lucky enough to have lots of family in the area, we always stay with my amazing in-laws. There's a field a few seconds walk away, with some really breathtaking views and wiry trees. We always wander out and snap a few pictures. I am not ready to go back home! I can't wait to live in Colorado forever!

MacK Mars

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