July 12, 2013

Dream On Dreamers

Today I am grateful to be exactly where I am in this moment! I never imagined I'd get to go on such an amazing cross country road trip and I certainly couldn't have dreamt up all the beauty we saw on our travels. Mother Nature is truly a magnificent artist! I am so incredibly grateful that we had this opportunity to go on such a magical adventure. I am also happy to back home, overflowing with inspiration from our trip and ready to let it flow. 

Happy Friday! Dream on Dreamers!

MacK Mars

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  1. Wonderful!


  2. <3 Dream on, lovely lady. I love the feeling of seeing something grand, whether it's brand new or something I've seen before. Seeing, being there, tasting, smelling, hearing. It's such an incredible experience. ♥

    P.S. I gave you an award on my blog, where I listed 11 facts, answered 11 q's and gave those I awarded 11 q's themselves. No pressure, but I wanted to let you know! <3 http://lariatsandlavender.blogspot.com/2013/07/the-liebster-award.html