July 16, 2013

Piece of my Heart

The endless beauty of the Grand Canyon is almost overwhelming. I imagine you could spend days or weeks, months even, exploring the canyon and still not see all of it. This magnificent place definitely stole a little piece of my heart. I love the warm color pallet surrounding the area, the patterned lines in the rock, desert roses, and the quiet, still air. Our latest collection, infinite summer, was so inspired by our time spent here. Not only with the idea of a seemingly eternal beauty, and an endless summer in mind, but the native art we found all across Arizona had me longing to create some beauties made with vibrant turquoise gems, all kinds of feathers and leather. I'm especially fond of these pieces, they mean so much, from the colors I incorporated to the stones I used. Each little detail is representative of a some part of our wonderful adventure, a lot of love went into their making. This collection is our way of sharing an element of our journey with you!

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Hope you're having a gorgeous day!
MacK Mars

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  1. I coined the nickname "Cactus Zach" for my 4 year old brother at the time who pointed out every prickly veggie he could spot.
    It never got old.

    Your pictures are breathtaking; definitely capture the landscape as best as can be captured through a lens. As well as the magnificent new collection. I love the white! It edges me right into the mold of summertime breezes and hot desert winds. My kinda life.

  2. Beautiful, those photos are stunning! Love the jewelry too!

  3. The pictures are gorgeous and I love how you glean so much inspiration for your jewelry pieces from things like this. It really shows in your work. Everything you create is gorgeous!


  4. What gorgeous photography!!! I want to see the Grand Canyon so badly. I love being in nature, and I love that I've spent time working and living on both the lake, and in a national park surrounded by hoodoo's. The jewelry is beyond gorgeous. You are so, so talented and have such an eye for incredible details and colors!