July 22, 2013

Old Things

Ink Bottles

Over the weekend I got together with my beautiful friend Tara, the creative mind behind Pearl. Love. We went to one of my favorite antique shops in town. You wouldn't know from outside appearances, but it's a huge, two story gold mine! The lower level has a maze of jewelry cases, tall stacks of crochet doilies, jars full of buttons, and gorgeous furniture. The upstairs is full of little nick-knacks;  faded wood clothes pins, worn out flags, Tupperware from my grandma's kitchen, turn style phones, tin containers and my favorite - old glass bottles. We spent almost two hours pouring through the place and it still felt like we hadn't seen everything. 

I've always held a strange fascination with antiques. I like things that are old and the history they bring with them. I love the mystery behind their wisdom too. I like to wonder what the story behind the antique is, it really gets my imagination going. I especially love the opportunity to turn something old into something new, to incorporate elements of today into it and add a piece of my story,  like the thunder birds above. We each got one and I upcycled them into braided leather chokers, classic SoulMakes style. I like that they hang upside down, it adds a sort of unique element to the necklaces and I'm a huge fan of anything out of the ordinary. 

Hope you all had a great weekend too!
MacK Mars

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