July 29, 2013


We must have taken a couple thousand photos on our road trip. We're still slowly pouring through all of them, so here's a few from Utah. We didn't get to do much site-seeing, we just drove through on our way into Colorado. I had no idea how beautiful Utah would be, it's nothing but landscapes for days. The terrain seemed to be ever changing and we only saw a small portion state! In some parts we were surrounded on all sides by towering mountain walls, in others there were rolling green pastures dotted with cows and sheep. The colors changed from neutral grays to lush greens with warm red rock and back again. I'd love to go back to Utah and explore a little more on foot some day, it was so unexpectedly gorgeous!

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MacK Mars

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  1. Utah is absolutely beautiful. It's on my bucket list :)

  2. Beautiful pics.. <3 ..x

  3. Oh man, you guys! Gorgeous photos :) And they keep coming!

    xx Kat & Laura

  4. I'm from Utah! :) We have such a spectacularly scenic state, you're 10minutes to 3 hours away from most kind of terrain-lush mountains or vast desert or crystal clear lake. That is simply lovely.

  5. <3333 MY HOME!!! I am so glad you enjoyed. I love how varied our state is. Jen and I worked and lived on both Lake Powell and in Bryce Canyon. Definitely two must see's. The hiking is also phenomenal! I also think everyone who visits Utah at some point she visit Antelope Island. :)